The key to successful business communications is a well-developed story, a narrative that engages, informs and elucidates the core values and objectives of a company.

Storytelling is the most efficient, and effective, way to convey your central message so that a consumer, candidate, or employee can visualize and relate the ideas and values that your company represents.

As employees, we are sometimes thrust into being our company’s content curators, brand ambassadors, and frankly, during times of crisis’, pseudo PR folk, trying to restore a battered reputation.

Similar to sales and customer service, recruiters play an integral role in a company’s storyline. They often need to develop succinct introductions and a ”script” on the value proposition of working at their respective company. Every interaction needs to be tailor-made, in order to better educate a candidate, and address their particular area of expertise.

Whether it is an online video, or simply a conversation over coffee, storytelling creates stronger brand relationships; candidates can experience the brand and its value in a very personal, intimate way.

Ultimately, employees are the makers of these sacred company narratives and can demystify some of the negative stories that might exist. So why not let them sell your company’s story and amplify your employer brand; so that ‘once upon a time’ becomes ‘forever and always’.